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T-shirts and Memories

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I’m a t-shirt and flip-flop girl.  Don’t let anyone try to trick you and tell you otherwise… Flip-flops can count as day wear, work attire, some good one with soles for light hiking, and even formal attire. I am who I am, and as a trainer at the gym always said, "you do you, I do me". Plus, they pack well!

Now when I was teaching grades 6-12 mathematics for 13 years, I had a teacher dress code, but let me tell ya, I lived for those Friday jeans days!  (Yes, I can hear some AMENS out there as you are reading this!!)  Fortunately, since staying home when #2 was born and tutoring online, then evolving into my cruise travel passion to serve others, I was able to alter that dress code some.  Quite a bit, actually!  While I have shed tears and said many prayers for our islands in the paths of the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose several years ago, plus Hurricane Maria, I always smile in my heart picking out what to wear and coming across shirts such as these.  I grabbed a few of the short-sleeve t-shirts – all places devastated by Irma in the past (and then Maria came along... sheesh....). Our wedding island was St John in 2003, we spent almost two weeks in the BVI / USVI in August 2016 (plus three other trips to USVI in 2016 alone).   That area and people are just very, very special to me. I would have never discovered these places had it not been for cruise travel.

The next time you are cruising…

purchase a t-shirt!

There are several benefits:

  1. support the local economy

  2. save on your packing for the trip, so just buy your clothes along the way

  3. t-shirts roll well for packing cubes, making them lightweight and efficient to pack

  4. brings back special memories each time you wear one for years to come

  5. when one starts getting worn out, book another trip back!!

So to some of my most favorite places, Cheers!! You have shown you can come back and WE will be back over the upcoming years to support you each cruise to the area that has a port there!  As always, maximize everything you do, including those souvenir t-shirts purchased on your cruise travels by supporting local business!!


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