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Explore by Land & Sea

Vacation isn’t all about the relaxation. Traveling so far from home calls for adventure and exploration! Trip activities span all manner of interests and adventurous levels. For the daring, you can zipline through rainforests, explore mountains, and swim with sharks. Culture lovers may enjoy wine tastings and local experiences like museums and shops. Cruises are made for the travelers looking to experience the most!

Deep Sea Diving

Cruise by Mandy (and her husband and kiddos) are deep sea diving certified! Before we started diving, we had no idea it could be a family-fun activity to learn together. Since, we've been diving over twenty times in reefs all over the world. We're so happy we took the PADI course! If you're curious about diving, you should too!

Private Island Visits

Experience the best your cruise line has to offer with private islands and cays. With no crowds to beat, no worry about security, and all the luxury you could want, private island excursions are the height of exclusivity.

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Adrenaline Adventures

For the adrenaline-chasers, there is no shortgage to what you can experience. Between ziplining through lush forests and taking to the skies for a helicopter tour, there's something for every level of thrill seeker. 

Land Tours

Try four-wheeling through rough terrain and up mountains. Or horseback ride down the beach and even into the waves. Perhaps you're sailing down a European river and dreaming about a sunset bike ride. Once you cast anchor on your destination, you can explore the world in any way you imagine. Tours can be pre-booked or booked onboard with the ship concierge.

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There's so much to do!

There's touring, diving, tasting, zipping, riding, and hundreds more you can expect on your vacation. This is your adventure; craft it how you imagine it! Ask us about all activity recommendations for your next trip!

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