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All About Cruise by Mandy


Cruise by Mandy began when Mandy took her very first cruise in 2000--and fell in love! Since then, her passion for travel at sea has taken her career to new horizons. As a worldwide traveler, Mandy is more than qualified to speak on a number of locations throughout the oceans. Some of her favorite locations include summers in Japan, the waters of Cape Horn, and Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This expansive firsthand experience and knowledge are unrivaled in the industry! Her favorite part of being a travel agent is helping others get the most per mile out of their travel, both with pricing and experiences. Her compassion and commitment to creating lifelong client relationships mean she treats every trip and finances as if they were her own. She looks forward to a long future of serving clients in the cruise industry, fulfilling dreams, and putting a smile on each and every client’s face with memories to last a lifetime. 

Our Booking Process

Booking Process
Working with Coffee

Step 1: Cruise Consultation

First, connect with us! After that, we will set up a time to go over a questionnaire you will be sent. In this meeting, we'll discuss exactly how you imagine your perfect cruise vacation. 

Cargo Ship

Step 2: Sailing and Package Selection

Once we know what you're looking for, we will hand-pick the perfect combination of ship/destination/excrusions just for you and your family.

cruise ship on island

Step 3: Cruise Reservation and Deposit

Get excited because it's official; you're sailing away! All booking and confirmation information will be sent to your email, then it's smooth sailing from there.


Step 4: Sailing Preparation

In the weeks leading up to casting anchor, we will be sending you emails to ensure you're ready to hit the waves. They will include information like packing lists, excursion information, reminders, and more.

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Step 5: Set Sail!

It's cruise vacation time! We will make sure you're set to go with flight information and confirmation numbers via email, and remember--we're always a phone call away!

Meet Mandy, Our Cruise Expert

Meet Mandy

With a heart for education and the spirit of a world traveler, Mandy Goddard has been committed to the art of cruising for over twenty years. After her first cruise, she saw the potential in all that they could be--more than just a cruise! They’re avenues to volunteer for those who love to give back, they’re classrooms to engage with the world as your teacher, and they’re venues for two people ready to become one. In fact, that’s exactly what Mandy and her husband Curt did in 2003! With their toes in the sand on St. John in the Caribbean sea, they tied the knot and committed to their forever travel partner. Together, they share two beautiful daughters who have inherited their parents’ travel bug; they already have over 200+ nights of cruising to give their mom notes on cruising as kids, pre-teens, and now teens. 


Taking notes from kids is a bit of a role reversal for Mandy, who’s used to giving the notes as a former teacher. With a background in education, including a degree in Mathematics, and experience in teaching levels from sixth grade to junior college, she’s used to breaking down big concepts and making things much more manageable. This is an invaluable skill in travel planning, which she was also able to hone in project management in the airline industry. An impressive career background, a zest for life, and a keen eye are all the key ingredients that make Cruise by Mandy the premier agency to turn to when you’re ready to set sail! 




Cruise by Mandy is honord to have been awarded the following awards for our contributions to the cruise and travel industry. 

Cruiseworld STAR Program

In 2020, I was honored to be recognized in the STAR Program with CruiseWorld! Returning again in November 2021 as a STAR VIP again.  

Cruise Certifications


Destination Certifications

Other Travel Certifications

Let's Get in Touch

Mandy Goddard 

Elite Cruise Counselor

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