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Malaga (Spain) and Religion

Part of our LifeList journey is exposing our children to other cultures and awareness of various religions around the world.  We do not hesitate to visit places of worship, and make sure to pack appropriately when preparing for the trip to take advantage of those wonderful opportunities!

When visiting Malaga, Spain, we visited the inside of a beautiful cathedral one morning as we were walking to the Picasso Museum.  We often let our children explore, and they know to respect the inside of any building we visit, but I looked up and could not find my oldest daughter.  Another family who was with us nudged me and looked in this direction, asking when we had become Catholic.

While we are not Catholic, it was nice seeing our daughter kneeling and praying in this beautiful setting.  When in the area, don’t hesitate to stop and visit Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga.   Even if it is just a stop along the way, the exposure and learning opportunities are always there as you maximize each journey you do for each and every member of your family, regardless of their age!

We chose to wander around town that day, doing a self-guided tour of the area as well as visiting places we had researched.  While a guided shore excursion would have benefice, sometimes we just have to balance budget on a trip when we have multiple stops, as we did for this trip: it was part of one of the Transatlantic cruises I posted about here.  However, we still had a fantabulous day and would love to return to Malaga again in the future!

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