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Philosophy of Education…. Two decades later!

Have you ever noticed that the philosophy of life you had in college as a late teenager may have changed over the past decade or two?

When I crammed a BS in Mathematics into three years along with a secondary teaching certification, one of my tasks was to create a Philosophy of Education.  For the non-educators reading this, it is essentially one of those things you attach with your resume when applying for teaching positions, can elaborate on during an interview, and in a nutshell is your core values of shaping the minds of young learners crammed into one paragraph.  Out on the pursuit of high school teaching jobs, fresh from college, I had my views.  But later, over twenty years later after that college graduation, with a husband and two children of my own… along with a several hundred nights onboard cruise ships, dozens of National Parks, and multiple countries visited on five continents… my philosophy has tweaked a little.  Okay… maybe a lot!   So what better thing to do than grab a pen on a flight home after an amazing cruise conference, find a random blank page in my Sudoku book from the dollar store, and rewrite that decades-old philosophy of education while sitting at 36,000 feet?

While not still in the classroom full-time, maybe that Masters degree in education and principal certification can get those juices rolling again to incorporate in for cruises and pre/post stays.  Take a peek at my vision these days…. a quarter-century after I embarked on that first college degree prior to living life.  The past two decades have taught me it is imperative to get the "Most Per Mile" out of each and every opportunity we can!

Philosophy (text at bottom):

Location: north shore of Tortola, British Virgin Islands - a popular cruise port

Text within picture:

Families should seize the opportunities to help children embrace the adventure of travel as well as appreciate the plethora of life skills it pushes one to develop, including:

  1. engaging in authentic learning experiences,

  2. initiating meaningful communication with those who may not speak the same language,

  3. stepping out of their box to learn from a vast globe, and

  4. allowing them the opportunity to author their own personal textbook of life by LIVING it!

The world is an amazing classroom – get the Most Per Mile out of your journey - on land and at sea! That is what I am here for as your CLIA Elite Cruise Counselor for your overall cruise experience!

~ Mother of two, wife to an amazing husband, educator, and intrepid traveller.

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