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Taking YOU to the next level

By experiencing the ultimate ocean and river cruises!

Welcome aboard to Cruise by Mandy! Climb on deck to find every place you’ve always wanted to see that are waiting to be discovered from the shores of the open seas. Specializing in cruise vacations (and more!), we’re ready to take you on the nautical adventures you’ve always imagined. Wind down rivers you’ve heard about all your life--the Nile, the Thames, the Seine--and experience culture like never before. Or cast anchor across the ocean, ready to soak up sun and sands or drift past iridescent glaciers on daring expeditions. Get ready to say bon voyage and set sail! Your adventure is out on the horizon.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Pairing the Ship with the Travelers

Mandy has sailed on over 50 cruise ships - no exaggeration. 

Our expert service is based on first-hand experience and certification. We work incredibly hard to pair the ship and sailing to the travelers to set the right vacation expectations. With Cruise by Mandy, you can feel confident to cruise with an experienced cruiser's service. 

Vacation Packages

Every vacation is unique and crafted just for YOU!

A cruise is not just a cruise. It's a cruise vacation with a variety of experiences available! Cruise by Mandy crafts cruise packages to showcase the best in-port destinations with the best onboard experiences while you sail. With our packages, you can expect your accommodations, amenities, dining and beverage packages, activities, transportation, and so much more to be pre-selected and arranged for you. And that's just the beginning.

Preferred Travel Partners

More About Mandy

With a heart for education and the spirit of a world traveler, Mandy Goddard has been committed to the art of cruising for over twenty years. After her first cruise, she saw the potential in all that they could be--more than just a cruise! Learn more about how Mandy's love for cruising has evolved into her ever-growing business, Cruise by Mandy.

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